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To all members

The track across horse paddocks leading to Springwater is muddy and needs care crossing it.

Bo Peep pond is now reopen.

Springwater Pond.

Please note that due to a change in ownership there is now a new entrance to the pond and we can no longer go through the gate at Sandilands Cottage.

We must now enter through the yard at Rother Valley Organics and we will post a map on both facebook, the website and on the notice board at Nyewood this week.

Good News

After not having a local tackle shop for a while a new venture has started up in Chapel Street called the Tackle Hall, they have maggots for sale at 3 a pint, two pints for a 5 and 20 per gallon.

Nyewood bottom pond now open and will not close this winter

Check match fixture as some have changed venues see posts on notice boards and Facebook

Please be aware we have had reports of a large showing of ticks on the bankside grass at Nyewood, Please make sure you check yourselves and your pets and use a quality insect repellent.

To all members please be aware that we can now no longer fish the Rother stretch above the Durford factory

as the ownership has changed.

Our fishing is now from the bridge upstream as far as the factory but not beyond that.

We need all members to help!! over the last few years attendance at work party's has been incredibly low and the PDAC has struggled to carry out important work on their venues through a lack of man power. The PDAC committee would like to take a proportion of the blame for this as members were not fully and regularly informed about the details of each planned party. For the season 2016 / 2017 we plan to make a fresh start, there is lots of worked planned for the months ahead to improve all the venues we all enjoy fishing. The PDAC will do the same as last year and there will be a planned work party for every month and you will be able to find this calendar in your hand-book and on this web site ("W/P calender" when available) the committee will also make more of an effort to keep this website and its venue notice boards  updated. The website will have more in-depth information on each work party taking place on the "next work party" page and please don't hesitate to call any of the committee for more information.  
without the members help these work party's are a waste of time and are venues will fall into a worse state as the months and years go by.
For example if you enjoy fishing Nyewood then it needs your help as there are to many swims that need attention for only a small group of people to handle without the necessary work some swims will have to be closed as they are becoming to dangerous to be fished from. This will directly affect your fishing. All PDAC venues will need attention so the more help we get the more we can get done across all the venues. 

For a final note, When filling out your membership forms this year, please ensure when filling out the Email section, it is filled correctly. We plan to notify via email of work party dates and other details in the future. Thanks!

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